Am I Addicted to Gambling

Addicted to Gambling? Bingo Lottery Online Games

addicted to bingo empty piggy bankMillions of people love to play bingo, lotto and online games but have you secretly asked yourself if you may be addicted to gambling ?

I know I have and it has scared me. I loved the rush, the thrill of the win, what I could do with the money. What if I could double or triple my money if I played just one more game. But  it never worked out that way. I git into debt, it scared me and I wondered if I could quit gambling if I wanted to? Have you ever felt that way? Maybe you should read the follow and see if you have any of these questions.

How Do I Know if I’m Addicted Gambling? Do You:

  • Think about winning all of the time
  • Stay up late and wake up early ready
  • Hide your gambling or playing games from my family
  • Go into debt and wracking up the credit cards
  • Keep thinking I’ll win some and pay off my credit cards
  • Get frustrated, upset and angry when I don’t win
  • Get super excited when you win, you feel like your on a high
  • Gambling is your only outlet
  • Lack a schedule
  • Neglect family time

The very thought you have questioned this, it may be a sign of addiction. Bingo, lottery, online games, often starts off so innocent, its fun, its a release and it gives us a distraction from every worries and even loneliness.  But when it takes over your life, the fun turns to pain, worry, family problems, relationship break up and even to when at its worse can cause cause depression and spiral downhill.

Help for Gambling Addictions

The good news is there is help for people addicted to gambling, there are many Government related gambling counselling, but may opt for an at home option as they don’t want employers, family of friends to know how out of hand their problem has got. A good friend worked with a coach and had success with an online program. He got his 30k finances back in order saved his job and never had to suffer the pain of dealing with losing his marriage. If your spending time gambling for fun, stress free and under control great, if its taking over your life, it’s time for help.

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